Soneva Kiri – Thailand

“As the custodians of pristine locations, Soneva is built on the foundation that a business must exist for a greater purpose than shareholder returns. We believe in a natural excellence in everything we do, whether it is delivering the ultimate guest experiences or providing energy to the rural poor in Myanmar through the Soneva Foundation.

We work at a community level to bring tangible change to people’s lives while simultaneously working with global leaders to shape policy and encourage public discourse. We teach Maldivian children to swim safely in the ocean while simultaneously providing an environmental education.

We create our own cooking charcoal using the resources available to us on the island while providing 230,000 people in Darfur and Myanmar with fuel-efficient stoves that reduce deforestation and deathly indoor air pollution.

We filter, mineralise and bottle our own drinking water while using the proceeds to provide 750,000 people around the world with clean and safe water. We do not import any single-use plastics to our resorts while upcycling any discarded plastic into colourful and useful objects using our Maker Space facility.

We run the SLOW LIFE Symposia to encourage environmental and social collaboration within our local communities while hosting an annual SLOW LIFE Symposium to bring together the greatest academic, political and business minds to partner on the world’s most pressing problems.”


  • Carbon neutral including indirect emissions such as guest air travel
  • 230,000 people benefitted from fuel-efficient stoves
  • 488,587 tonnes of CO2 mitigated
  • 511,920 trees planted in Thailand
  • $14 million in social value
  • $7 million raised for the Soneva Foundation”

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