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For FEDEREC (la Fédération des Entreprises du Recyclage), partner of the “Déchets côtiers Méditerranée” operation, the majority of this waste is potentially recyclable. Every year, throughout the French coast, many beach clean-up actions collect thousands of tons of waste that ends up in landfills or incineration!
A considerable loss of secondary materials that escape the circular economy.
Our objective with FEDEREC is initially to quantify and sort this collected waste in order to study their recyclability.

See on which beaches the operation is taking place:

Results of study of micro plastic in mussels:

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EcoMed 21

EcoMed 21 is a non-profit organization under the 1901 Law that works for the protection of the environment of the Western Mediterranean area through:
• alerting the general public and decision-makers about the environmental issues and challenges under way in the Maghreb and on the northern shore of the western Mediterranean;
• The identification of associations, experts and environmental activists active in the Maghreb;
• The collection and circulation of information and knowledge related to Mediterranean environmental issues;
• Training on major environmental issues and their declination in the Mediterranean area;
• Thematic and geographical decompartmentalisation of the families of actors with a view to implementing partnership solutions.

WWF Report on the Mediterranean sea:

Can your idea be a citizens’ initiative?

To have an idea of whether your proposal can be the subject of a citizens’ initiative, you must check that it concerns a policy area where the EU has competence and that in this policy area, the Commission has the power to submit a proposal for a legal act.
Among the information necessary to have your initiative registered, you will have to indicate the Treaty provision(s) (article or broader reference) you consider relevant for the action you are proposing.
The Global Citizens’ Initiative(TGCI): Building A Sustainable World Community For All

The Global Citizens’ Initiative is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) with members in 75 countries. We bring together people and organizations from across the planet to promote global values and help solve world problems. We define a global citizen as someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community’s values and practices.
Those of us who see ourselves as global citizens are not abandoning other identities; such as allegiances to our countries, ethnicities, and political beliefs. These traditional identities give meaning to our lives and will continue to help shape us. However, as a result of living in a globalized world we see we have an added layer of responsibility. We also are responsible for being members of a world community faced with problems that no single country by itself can solve. The major challenge that we have is to build a sustainable values-based world community that can solve the global issues we all face.

Earth Force

Earth Force has developed a project-based learning approach that engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities. We deliver the program by providing middle school educators with the training and support they need to create an engaging, hands-on classroom that empowers students to solve environmental problems.
Via Earth Force, over 25,000 young people per year design and implement projects that reflect issues they care about and their desire to address a local environmental issue, gaining hands-on experience by applying what they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

Citizen Sense

The Citizen Sense project is led by Professor Jennifer Gabrys and is funded through a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. The project, which began in January 2013, investigates the relationship between technologies and practices of environmental sensing and citizen engagement.

  • Pollution Sensing
  • Examines the use of digital environmental sensors to monitor and report on environmental pollution.
  • Urban Sensing
  • Investigates the use of digital environmental sensors in urban environments to promote sustainability
  • Wild Sensing
  • Investigates the use of digital environmental sensors in citizen-sensing projects to study and record flora and fauna activities

Citizen’s Environmental Monitoring Network

Independent Environmental Monitoring Ends Decades of Government Control of Information About Pollution, Provides Open Access to Information, and Enables Victims to Become Problem-Solvers

Mission statement

The Ecological Citizen is an online journal that is striving to address the central issue of our time: how to halt and reverse our current ecocidal course and create an ecological civilization.
Creating a harmonious, respectful and mutually flourishing relationship with the ecosphere is the basis of such a civilization. This involves preserving and restoring biological richness, ecological complexity and evolutionary potential – as well as the beauty, mystery and integrity of Earth. Nothing less will suffice.
We are now looking global environmental collapse in the face, as our actions tear into the natural ecosystems that sustain all life, including our own, and inflict untold suffering on our fellow creatures. Countless wild animals and other life-forms are dying in the first mass extinction to be caused by a single species, while industrial husbandry condemns domestic animals to brutal exploitation. Remaining wild places, even the most remote, are all now under threat. We are behaving as a plague-species on a planetary scale.
Rather than dominating and parasitizing the biosphere, with non-human life harmed and ever-increasingly hemmed in by humans’ industrial development, an ecological civilization would thrive within a preserved and restored expanse of unfragmented wild nature.

Ecological Citizen’s Project

The Ecological Citizen’s Project is a think/act/learn space located in Garrison, NY in the lower Hudson Valley.
Our Mission
We grow citizen-led campaigns to produce a more just, healthy, democratic and sustainable way-of-life.