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I decided i could do more to save energy and look after my planet, so this month I have:
– changed my electricity contract to a company which uses renewable energy ( i stopped giving my money to people i really don’t want to be feeding and i reduce pollution) = it took me 10 minutes online
– bought beeswax wrap to stop using plastic wrap and aluminium = 5 minutes
– bought a bamboo toothbrush = 5 minutes
– bought reusable fabric pad to stop using trough away cotton for face wash = 5 minutes
– I bought a Berkley water filter (275€) which has a filter that lasts 10 years, this will replace 58240 plastic bottles ( = 37856€ not taking into account the price going up every year) (1 bottle a day each for 4 persons) = 5 minutes (+ a few months on researching the best filters)
– I swapped a few items on the exchange mailing lists i am member of = 1h
– I lent a table on the APP LENDI (to lend and borrow from your neighbours) = 5 minutes
– I asked my local health-food shop if they could look for tofu and veggie buggers in non-plastic containers = 1 minute
– I have decided I’ll do my best from now on, not buy clothes that contain plastic (bamboo, hemp, linen, silk, etc. ) and organic ones whenever possible and to carry on buying second hand clothes. = 1 minute
– I gave some of my books to friends so that they can read them = 5 minutes
– I signed as many petitions as i could to help fight against climate change and nature preservation on,, = 15 minutes
– I made the search engines LILO my main one, so every time i look for something on internet an association (which i choose) receives money. = 5 minutes
– I bought some poppy flower pins to help publicise the movement
– i downloaded the 90jours app to help me to make changes.
It’s a start, every little helps, in total it took me about 2h this month, very little efforts and i saved quite a lot of money in the process as i won’t have to buy this single use items any more: water bottles, cotton pads, cling film and aluminium film.
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J’ai décidé que je pouvais faire plus pour économiser l’énergie et m’occuper ma planète, donc ce mois-ci j’ai :

– changé mon contrat d’électricité pour une société qui utilise de l’ énergie renouvelable (j’ai cessé de donner mon argent à des gens que je ne veux vraiment pas être “nourrir” et je réduis la pollution) = il m’a fallu 10 minutes en ligne
– acheté des films alimentaire de cire d’ abeille pour cesser d’ utiliser des films alimentaire en plastique et en aluminium = 5 minutes
– acheté une brosse à dents en bambou = 5 minutes
– acheté des lingettes en tissu réutilisables pour cesser d’utiliser du coton pour me laver le visage = 5 minutes
– acheté un filtre à eau Berkley (275 €) qui a un filtre qui dure 10 ans, cela remplacera 58240 bouteilles en plastique 37856 € ne prenant pas en compte le prix qui monte chaque année) (1 bouteille par jour chacun pour 4 personnes ) = 5 minutes (+ quelques mois de la recherche sur les meilleurs filtres)
– troqué quelques articles sur des listes de diffusion d’échange où je suis membre = 1 h
– prêté une table sur la APP Lendi (pour prêter et emprunter à vos voisins) = 5 minutes
– demandé ma boutique d’aliments organiques locaux si ils pouvaient rechercher du tofu et des veggie burgers dans des contenants sand plastique = 1 minute
– décidé que je ferai de mon mieux à partir de maintenant, pour ne pas acheter des vêtements qui contiennent en plastique (bambou, chanvre, lin, soie, etc.) et organiques quand cela sera possible ainsi que de poursuivre les achats de vêtements de seconde main = 1 minute
– donné certains de mes livres à des amis afin qu’ils puissent les lire = 5 minutes
– signé autant de pétitions que je pouvais pour aider à lutter contre le changement climatique et à la préservation de la nature sur , , = 15 minutes
– mis le moteur de recherche LILO comme mon principal moteur, donc à chaque fois que je cherche quelque chose sur internet une association (que je choisis) reçoit de l’ argent. = 5 minutes
– acheté quelques pins coquelicots pour aider à faire connaître le mouvement
– téléchargé l’ application 90jours pour m’aider à faire des changements.

C’est un début, chaque petit geste aide, au total il m’a fallu environ 2 heures ce mois-ci, très peu d’efforts et j’ai épargné beaucoup d’argent dans le processus car je ne vais plus avoir à acheter ces articles à usage unique : bouteilles d’eau, coton, films alimentaire en plastique et de l’aluminium.

#greenandsustainableliving #sustainableliving #healthylifestyle #climatchange #cambioclimatico #changementclimatique #ecologie #ecology #greenliving #sustainableliving #healthyliving #organic #organique

La nouvelle version de l’application 90jours sera lancée fin octobre 2018

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant pour participer au lancement !

Plus d’information:

#greenandsustainableliving #sustainableliving #healthylifestyle #climatchange #cambioclimatico #changementclimatique #ecologie #ecology #greenliving #sustainableliving #healthyliving #organic #organique

How To Make Your Own Reusable Food Wrap – Anywhere

English – Français

How to make your own wrap:

Comment faire son propre film alimentaire lavable :

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These include Kraft Philipp Moris, Unilever, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Pepsico and Procter & Gamble.

Monsanto Beverages

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Dr. Pepper, Minute Maid …
Capri-Sun and Topricana fruit juices.
Ocean Spray drinks, Pepsi-Cola soda, Seven Up, Schweppes.
Lipton teas and Maxwell coffees.
Gloria milk from Nestlé

Monsanto sweet products

Chocolates Poulain, Lindt, Gold Coast, Dam, Milka, Suchard and Toblerone.
Lu, Oreo, Cadbury cookies and Pepperidge Farm cookies.
Brossard and Savane products.
Candy Carambar, Krema and La Vogienne.
Hollywood and Malabar chewing gums.
Bounty chocolate bars.
Ice cream Häagen Dazs, Miko and Ben & Jerry’s.
Kellogg’s cereals, including Special K, Trésor, Honey Pop’s, Froties or All Bran.
Yoplait yogurt.

Hygiene and maintenance Monsanto

Baby diapers Pampers.
The feminine protections of the brand Always.
Pantene, Ax, Monsavon, Dove, Rexona and Timotei shower gels, shampoos and deodorants.
Signal toothpastes.
Cleaning products Cif, Omo, Dash, Skip, Cajoline and Sun.
Febreze deodorants.

Monsanto salted products

Lay’s, Pringles and Doritos chips.
The Benenuts and Bahlsen appetizer biscuits.
The cheese specialties Philadelphia.
Prepared dishes Marie, Findus, Tipiak.
Jacquet breads.
Soups and broths Liebig, Knorr, Royaco, Alvale.
Mexican preparations Old El Paso.
The sauces Heinz, Amora, Benedicta.
Uncle Ben’s products.

Confectionery: Cadbury brands, Poulain, Carambar, La Vosgienne, Hollywood chewing gum

Soups and Dairy Products: Royco, Liebig and Knorr brands, Gloria milk, Yoplait yoghurt …

Food and ice cream: Green Giant, Uncle Ben’s products, Maille brand, Golden Fruit margarine, Amora, Heinz ketchup Ice cream: Häagen Dazs, Magnum, Viennetta

Cakes and breakfast cereals: Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Special K, Honey Pops, All Bran … Cakes: Lu cookies, Milka chocolates, Carte Noire, Côte d’Or, Suchard and Toblerone

Appetizer cookies: Lay’s and Pringles chips, Benenuts and Quaker cookies

Drinks: Maxwell coffee, Lipton tea (and by extension the Unilever brands), Ocean Spray drinks, Tropicana fruit juices

Others: Pampers diapers, Bonux laundry, Oral-B brand, Dove products, Timotei, Rexona, all the Procter and Gamble brands (see list)

This long list Monsanto, far from being exhaustive, concerns only products on the French market. It gives us an idea of ​​the number of consumer products in which we can find Monsanto products, to pay attention to the products we consume.

More information:

Earthships – USA

Earthship Biotecture


Architectural – By Amzi Smith – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Earthships are defined by six basic design principles, all of which take advantage of the existing natural phenomena of the earth:


Earthship Biotecture and its partner NGO Biotecture Planet Earth have been helping a lot in HAITI for poverty relief projects and disaster relief.

Eco construction School and Internship

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Citizen collectivities Summer University – France

On the agenda of these 5 days, 64 workshops, 33 modules, 11 forums and dozens of activities outside the walls. A special evening on the occasion of Attac’s 20th anniversary is being organized on campus this Thursday, August 23rd. The arrival of the Alternatiba tour and a major conference on climate change is organized at Paul Mistral Park on Friday 24 August. Finally a big festive evening, open to the public, with concerts (Sidi Wacho) and entertainment (with the presence of Youtubeur Usul) is organized Saturday 25 in the garden of the city.

Ecological garden – Anywhere

How to Create an Eco Garden

“Creating an eco (ecological) garden is a major step in helping the environment and in reducing your environmental footprint. Choose organic methods for amending the soil, irrigation, and controlling pests and weeds. It’s also important to plant native plant species when making an earth-friendly garden.” WikiHow

Jardiner au naturel : potager bio et compost

The natural management of its green spaces has the principle of respecting the rhythms, logics and laws of nature. Thus, it promotes the use of products from nature (green manures, natural pesticides …) and the practice of ancestral knowledge (lunar cycles, fallow, alternation of culture, association of vegetables and / or flowers …). It therefore excludes the use of chemicals that are harmful to the health of humans and their environment. In addition, particular care is taken to supply water to limit consumption (mulching, drip, rainwater recovery …).” Colibris

Course: Urban organic vegetable garden

Ayuntamiento de Madrid

The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Gardening

Ecologically friendly gardening practices, or ‘eco-friendly gardening’ as they are affectionately known, are forward thinking methods of gardening that are responsive to the global threats of climate change. These innovative outdoor endeavours focus upon reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that occur as a direct result of modern day gardening practices. Eco-friendly gardening also encourages the absorption of carbon dioxide by soils and plants in order to lessen the effects of global warming.
The following guide has been created to inform readers about the practices and principles of eco-friendly gardening as well as illustrating the most efficient and cost-effective organic gardening methods that you can adopt. In accompaniment to these helpful hints and industry exclusive insights, this guide also includes a wealth of online resources upon which you can capitalise to learn more about ecologically responsible gardening methods and their impact on local, national and global ecosystems.

Some simple ways to create an eco-friendly garden

5 Eco Friendly Gardening Ideas That Will Have You Seeing Green

Sustainable Gardening: It’s All The Rage!

Tips, principles and practices for the organic vegetable gardener.

How to create an organic vegetable garden in my home

“We can create an urban garden in a small garden, a patio, a terrace, a balcony or even on the sill of a window.

Growing our own vegetables and being able to enjoy them at our table is an experience available to everyone. We can create an urban garden in a small garden, a patio, a terrace, a balcony or even on the sill of a window. There is only one indispensable element: direct light.” Fundación Aquae

Jardin Potager BIO (Petite Surface)


La Polyculture – Pour un jardin vraiment écologique

Wen Rolland

Stop Buying Compost. Perfect Way To Make Your Own Compost At Home

Natural Ways

4 ways you can help pollinators in your community

Ontario Nature

Water – Anywhere

Water Footprint

Personal water footprint calculator

“Get a snapshot of the impact of your daily lifestyle. Compare how much water is used to make a variety of products so that you can choose to reduce your water footprint. For those that want to find out more, the green, blue and grey water footprint shows the source of water consumed and the volume of fresh water required for assimilation of pollutants.” WaterFootPrint organisation

More information:

Our Water, Our Future

The Story of water

Unbottle Water

Independent laboratory testing results of popular gravity water filters

Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment System

FRANC Environmental at Rodale Institute located in Kutztown, PA

Alveare che dice si! – Italy

Let’s come together to buy the best products
to farmers and artisans in our regions.

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Buy what you want, when you want it: fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, beer, honey, cakes …

Pick up your products

Every week, the Beehive gives you an appointment in your neighbourhood. Come collect your order and meet the Producers.

¡ La Colmena que dice Sí ! from LRQDO on Vimeo.