La ruche qui dit oui – France

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The green school – Bali

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a process of learning by doing and remembering what we once knew and have forgotten over many generations. Many things need to change to lead a life that is more integrated with the natural systems that surround us. The most important change that can lead to living an authentically sustainable life is a change in our mindset and habit patterns. At Green School we study, work, live, and play with an awareness of the impact of our thinking and decisions.

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La maison «Canopée» by Coste – France

Called “Maison Canopée®” for its integration in a very wooded environment, this house is exemplary in sustainable development:

-Integration perfect in the natural and historical setting of the village (ZPPAU subject to the opinion of the Architect of Buildings of France),

-Prefiguration of 2020 standards in energy: better than the passive standard, this house is energy neutral thanks to a rigorous design of the envelope and an innovative system of energy recovery,

-Recycling gray water in addition to rainwater recovery,

-Construction of solid log panels and choice of natural materials.

-Roofs vegetated terraces

25 verde – Italy

25 Verde, Torino

In Turin the “25 Verde” grew, a residential complex of 63 apartments conceived as a habitable forest in which almost 200 trees break down the fine dust caused by cars, protect from noise, create an ideal microclimate inside the building, mitigating the temperature fluctuations in summer and winter and are combined with the architecture becoming an integral part.

25 Verde, Torino

photos by hillman54


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