Hotel Rio do Prado – Portugal

“Rio do Prado is more than a new touristic resort in Óbidos. The hotel is strongly rooted in sustainability and how its context is positioned both nationally and internationally. The difference is in the concept and how it is integrated amongst dozens of diverse ecological ways, that our guests can take part in and observe – an ecological center constantly innovating within a strong educational and cultural vision.”

“Energy efficient rating on all accommodation units A+;
Solar water heating of bathwater, dishwashers and washing machines, aided by an energy efficient COP 4,2 heat pump;
All accommodation units and restaurant have double low emission glass window treatments;

The walls of the Eco Lab are thermally insulated by straw on the south/west side;
The walls of the Auditorium/Spa are made of thermally insulated prefabricated laminated concrete beams;
The concrete walls have an elevated percentage of ashes originating from an electric thermal power plant;
Recycled eucalyptus wood shades to keep out the sun and heat; [….]

Energy production through photovoltaic solar panels;
Double piping system (sewer and water line);
A sewer plant on the grounds for treating wastewater from the washbasins and baths;
Solar energy harvested in the restrooms and service areas;
Reclaimed water used in the toilet’s cisterns and recycled for non-potable usage;
Rain water is harvested along with all other water sources for maximum water recovery and stored in reservoirs to use in the sustainable landscaping irrigation system;
Stimulating biodiversity of flora and fauna with the creation of several wetlands (lakes); […]

The rugs in the majority of the suites made from leftover fabric;
End tables and suite’s décor made from oak wood;
Óbidos Lagoon frames made from old wooden crates used by local farmers;
End tables and reception desk built from old wooden crates lined with waste timber from the construction site;
The grocery store is decorated with boxes and different merchandise from local farms;
“Maria Batata’s” restaurant tables built from residual wood; […]

Use of green fertilizers and vermicompost in the garden and certified biological orchard;
Door pulls in the suites made from recycled rope;
Doormats made from recycled eucalyptus wood…”

“The suites themselves helped to build the surrounding landscape, which is set within its natural environment. A symbiosis of environments that represent the true mark of our concept by developing, transforming the present and the absent. Plants overlay the covers and at the entrance a tree crosses the structure.”

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