Projet Oasis – France

Oasis, a new way of life


The negative consequences of individualism remind us that the human being is above all a being of relationship, and that the feeling of belonging to a community is necessary for its development. But what is a community in the 21st century? How can it help us cope with environmental and social challenges?


As part of the Oasis project, Colibris explores the “doing together” and rethinking the notion of community, considering it no longer as a brake on our individual freedom but as a source of wealth. So if, together, we imagine new places of life and resources that would be, on their scale, the model of society more ecological and citizen that we have to build?


An oasis can be found in rural or urban areas and take different forms: shared ecohabitat, eco-district, eco-hameau, commune in transition, third-place turned towards ecology … So many oases that are based around five essential intentions and are at the origin of the emergence of a society based on autonomy, sharing and conviviality.


More than 500 such places already participate in the Oasis network. Hummingbirds have given themselves 5 years to facilitate the creation of at least 100 new oases by creating an ecosystem of tools and people at the service of project leaders. Discover them by clicking on the infographic opposite.



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