This month i did…. Anywhere

I decided i could do more to save energy and look after my planet, so this month I have:
– changed my electricity contract to a company which uses renewable energy ( i stopped giving my money to people i really don’t want to be feeding and i reduce pollution) = it took me 10 minutes online
– bought beeswax wrap to stop using plastic wrap and aluminium = 5 minutes
– bought a bamboo toothbrush = 5 minutes
– bought reusable fabric pad to stop using trough away cotton for face wash = 5 minutes
– I bought a Berkley water filter (275€) which has a filter that lasts 10 years, this will replace 58240 plastic bottles ( = 37856€ not taking into account the price going up every year) (1 bottle a day each for 4 persons) = 5 minutes (+ a few months on researching the best filters)
– I swapped a few items on the exchange mailing lists i am member of = 1h
– I lent a table on the APP LENDI (to lend and borrow from your neighbours) = 5 minutes
– I asked my local health-food shop if they could look for tofu and veggie buggers in non-plastic containers = 1 minute
– I have decided I’ll do my best from now on, not buy clothes that contain plastic (bamboo, hemp, linen, silk, etc. ) and organic ones whenever possible and to carry on buying second hand clothes. = 1 minute
– I gave some of my books to friends so that they can read them = 5 minutes
– I signed as many petitions as i could to help fight against climate change and nature preservation on,, = 15 minutes
– I made the search engines LILO my main one, so every time i look for something on internet an association (which i choose) receives money. = 5 minutes
– I bought some poppy flower pins to help publicise the movement
– i downloaded the 90jours app to help me to make changes.
It’s a start, every little helps, in total it took me about 2h this month, very little efforts and i saved quite a lot of money in the process as i won’t have to buy this single use items any more: water bottles, cotton pads, cling film and aluminium film.
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J’ai décidé que je pouvais faire plus pour économiser l’énergie et m’occuper ma planète, donc ce mois-ci j’ai :

– changé mon contrat d’électricité pour une société qui utilise de l’ énergie renouvelable (j’ai cessé de donner mon argent à des gens que je ne veux vraiment pas être “nourrir” et je réduis la pollution) = il m’a fallu 10 minutes en ligne
– acheté des films alimentaire de cire d’ abeille pour cesser d’ utiliser des films alimentaire en plastique et en aluminium = 5 minutes
– acheté une brosse à dents en bambou = 5 minutes
– acheté des lingettes en tissu réutilisables pour cesser d’utiliser du coton pour me laver le visage = 5 minutes
– acheté un filtre à eau Berkley (275 €) qui a un filtre qui dure 10 ans, cela remplacera 58240 bouteilles en plastique 37856 € ne prenant pas en compte le prix qui monte chaque année) (1 bouteille par jour chacun pour 4 personnes ) = 5 minutes (+ quelques mois de la recherche sur les meilleurs filtres)
– troqué quelques articles sur des listes de diffusion d’échange où je suis membre = 1 h
– prêté une table sur la APP Lendi (pour prêter et emprunter à vos voisins) = 5 minutes
– demandé ma boutique d’aliments organiques locaux si ils pouvaient rechercher du tofu et des veggie burgers dans des contenants sand plastique = 1 minute
– décidé que je ferai de mon mieux à partir de maintenant, pour ne pas acheter des vêtements qui contiennent en plastique (bambou, chanvre, lin, soie, etc.) et organiques quand cela sera possible ainsi que de poursuivre les achats de vêtements de seconde main = 1 minute
– donné certains de mes livres à des amis afin qu’ils puissent les lire = 5 minutes
– signé autant de pétitions que je pouvais pour aider à lutter contre le changement climatique et à la préservation de la nature sur , , = 15 minutes
– mis le moteur de recherche LILO comme mon principal moteur, donc à chaque fois que je cherche quelque chose sur internet une association (que je choisis) reçoit de l’ argent. = 5 minutes
– acheté quelques pins coquelicots pour aider à faire connaître le mouvement
– téléchargé l’ application 90jours pour m’aider à faire des changements.

C’est un début, chaque petit geste aide, au total il m’a fallu environ 2 heures ce mois-ci, très peu d’efforts et j’ai épargné beaucoup d’argent dans le processus car je ne vais plus avoir à acheter ces articles à usage unique : bouteilles d’eau, coton, films alimentaire en plastique et de l’aluminium.

#greenandsustainableliving #sustainableliving #healthylifestyle #climatchange #cambioclimatico #changementclimatique #ecologie #ecology #greenliving #sustainableliving #healthyliving #organic #organique

Marche pour le climat – France

55 villes participantes !

Allez-y !

Paris :
Aix En Provence :
Amiens :
Angers :
Antibes :
Aubenas :
Auxerre :
Avignon :
Besançon :
Blois :
Bordeaux :
Caen :
Cherbourg :
Dijon :
Faches Thumesnil :
Fort de France :
Grenoble :
Hellemes :
La Rochelle :
La Roche-Sur-Yon :
Le Havre :
Lille :
Limoge :
Lons le Saulnier:
Lyon :
Marseille :
Metz :
Mons-en-Baroeul :
Montbéliard :
Montpellier :
Mulhouse :
Nantes :
Nice :
Niort :
Nouméa :
Orchies :
Paris :
Pau :
Reims :
Rennes :
Roanne :
Rouen :
Saint Brieuc :
Saint Chaptes :
Saint Etienne :
Saint Jorioz :
Saint Malo :
Strasbourg :
Suresnes :
Tours :
Toulouse :
Tourcoing :
Vannes :
Valence :
Villeneuve d’Ascq :
Wasquehal :

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Millor Que Nou – Spain

Millor Que Nou offers different options to make your appliances’ life longer and generate less rubbish.

LOOK FOR repair workshops, second hand and exchange shops and markets

LEARN to fix your objects with our help: workshop, tools, teachers and training

SWAP what you do not want anymore for what you need with a point system.

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One day. One planet. One goal. Millions of people in 150 countries uniting to clean up our world, in the biggest civic action in human history.

“On 15 September, volunteers and partners worldwide will come together to rid our planet of trash – cleaning up litter and mismanaged waste from our beaches, rivers, forests, and streets.
A powerful ‘green wave’ of cleanups will start in New Zealand and end 36 hours later in Hawaii, with millions of people working towards one goal: a clean and healthy planet.
World Cleanup Day harnesses the power of everyday people to achieve incredible things by joining together. Its beauty lies in cooperation and collaboration: building bridges between disparate communities, and including all levels of society – from citizens, to business, to government.” World cleanup day 2018

More information:

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Looking after our planet – Anywhere

Rainforest Action Network

“Rainforest Action Network preserves forests, protects the climate and upholds human rights by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and strategic campaigns.”

“The Strategy
Home Depot, Disney, Bank of America, Cargill, Chevron, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, General Mills…
RAN takes on some of the biggest corporations on the planet — and we get results.
Since 1985, RAN has been one of the most effective and innovative activist organizations in the United States. We partner with local, indigenous and frontline communities to create smart campaigns that exert pressure and extract actionable policies from corporate culprits responsible for rainforest destruction, massive pollution, and pushing species toward extinction. And RAN demands that human rights, labor rights, and local and indigenous rights are fundamental to any new corporate policies.”


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“Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.
Some people look at a forest, and all they see is lumber. But there are millions more who see a home, a heritage, a future. Around the globe, we are standing up for our communities, and we are holding governments and corporations accountable. Whether on the streets or at the ballot box, we hold the real power when we work together.”
“We believe optimism is a form of courage. We believe that a billion acts of courage can spark a brighter tomorrow.
To that end we model courage, we champion courage, we share stories of courageous acts by our supporters and allies, we invite people out of their comfort zones to take courageous action with us, individually in their daily lives, and in community with others who share our commitment to a better world.
A green and peaceful future is our quest. The heroes of our story are all of us who believe that better world is not only within reach, but being built today.”



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World Wildlife Fund

“The world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than one million members in the United States and close to five million globally. WWF’s unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature.”
“WWF-US is part of the WWF global network which has worked for more than 50 years to protect the future of nature. In 2016, WWF embraced a bold new strategy and transformation designed to make the organization stronger and even more effective in tackling the challenges ahead. In this video, Marco Lambertini, Director General, WWF International, talks about WWF’s new way of working and commitment to conservation results.”

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Friends of the Earth

“Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world.
Together we speak truth to power and expose those who endanger the health of people and the planet for corporate profit. We organize to build long-term political power and campaign to change the rules of our economic and political systems that create injustice and destroy nature.”

“Sometimes, this involves speaking uncomfortable truths to power and demanding more than people think is possible. It’s hard work. But the pressures facing our planet and its people are too important for us to compromise. Friends of the Earth strives for a more healthy and just world. We understand that the challenges facing our planet call for more than half measures, so we push for the reforms that are needed, not merely the ones that are politically easy.”

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Wildlife Conservation Society

“WCS’s goal is to conserve the world’s largest wild places in 16 priority regions, home to more than 50% of the world’s biodiversity.
This is outlined in our 2020 strategy, which positions WCS to maintain its historic focus on the protection of species while developing an ambitious plan to engage with a rapidly changing world.
The challenges are greater than ever, but with the focus, dedication, and passion of a committed staff—combined with a unique mixture of field, zoo, and aquarium expertise—WCS will continue to set the bar for science, conservation action, and education that has driven our success in protecting wildlife and wild places for over a century. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, adhering to core values of respect, accountability and transparency, innovation, diversity and inclusion, collaboration, and integrity.”

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The National Geographic Society

“The National Geographic Society is an impact-driven global nonprofit organization that pushes the boundaries of exploration, furthering understanding of our world and empowering us all to generate solutions for a healthy, more sustainable future for generations to come. Our ultimate vision: a planet in balance.”
“Achieving a planet in balance, one that provides for humanity and the untold millions of other species with which we live, will be the greatest challenge of our century.
We believe the Society can best contribute to achieving a planet in balance through the following three strategic aims:
• Inspire people to place greater value on the natural world and its people;
• Secure the natural systems essential for all life on Earth; and
• Drive innovation that helps create a planet in balance.
Ultimately, all of our activities are geared toward achieving at least one of our three strategic aims.”

More information:


“350 uses online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions to oppose new coal, oil and gas projects, take money out of the companies that are heating up the planet, and build 100% clean energy solutions that work for all. 350’s network extends to 188 countries.”


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Bioversity International

“Bioversity International is a global research-for-development organization. We have a vision – that agricultural biodiversity nourishes people and sustains the planet.
We deliver scientific evidence, management practices and policy options to use and safeguard agricultural and tree biodiversity to attain sustainable global food and nutrition security.
We work with partners in low-income countries in different regions where agricultural and tree biodiversity can contribute to improved nutrition, resilience, productivity and climate change adaptation.”

More information:

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth stands with anyone who cares about the world we live in, whether you’re a first time supporter or a seasoned campaigner. We work with local groups, experts, business leaders and politicians. And we push for change on causes that matter to you:
• Protecting your home and local environment.
• Promoting safe and healthy food and water everywhere.
• Supporting alternative energy solutions that can change the world for the better for everyone.
Together, with us, your voice is louder, your actions more significant, your impact greater. We’re with you every step of the way: supporting your local community, defending human rights, protecting nature, moving mountains.
Together, with you, we are determined to change the world for good, creating a cleaner, healthier, fairer world for everyone, for today and generations to come.

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Citizen collectivities Summer University – France

On the agenda of these 5 days, 64 workshops, 33 modules, 11 forums and dozens of activities outside the walls. A special evening on the occasion of Attac’s 20th anniversary is being organized on campus this Thursday, August 23rd. The arrival of the Alternatiba tour and a major conference on climate change is organized at Paul Mistral Park on Friday 24 August. Finally a big festive evening, open to the public, with concerts (Sidi Wacho) and entertainment (with the presence of Youtubeur Usul) is organized Saturday 25 in the garden of the city.

Sustainable Living Apps


Food sharing


Carbon footprint calculator

Build your own urban garden

Refresh Go Green

Tips for a more sustainable life style

Love food hate waste

Control your food waste



How to dispose of waste


Puts a stop to your unwanted mail with a simple photo-based app


It is through the pooling of financial resources and the active participation of the inhabitants that the Cooperative carries out its projects. The internal management of the buildings by the inhabitants also allows them to define a living environment closer to their aspirations.



  • Exit buildings from the speculative real estate market
  • Integrate the future-e-s-residents into construction projects
  • Hand over building management to the inhabitants
  • Guarantee the inhabitants a rent corresponding to the actual costs of the building
  • Build to high ecological standards” La Codha

VolunTourist – Anywhere

VolunTourism Trips

“Looking for a unique approach to searching for VolunTourism Options around the world? Want to hear a Founder’s voice talking about why s/he started her/his company or NGO? Then you have come to the right place.

Beginning in August 2007, Founder, David Clemmons, launched The VolunTourist Webcast. This weekly call-in show features guests from across the globe, the majority of whom are voluntourism trip providers. In this section you will find interviews with Founders, Directors, Program Managers, and more.

In addition, since March 2005 The VolunTourist Newsletter has featured voluntourism providers in the Supply Chain column. In each issue, an article describes an entity’s background, philosophy, unique service & travel activities, and offers a sample itinerary.” VolunTourism