Millor Que Nou – Spain

Millor Que Nou offers different options to make your appliances’ life longer and generate less rubbish.

LOOK FOR repair workshops, second hand and exchange shops and markets

LEARN to fix your objects with our help: workshop, tools, teachers and training

SWAP what you do not want anymore for what you need with a point system.

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Vivood – Spain

“From wooden houses to a sustainable hotel in nature. This is the journey that Daniel Mayo Pardo, architect and founder of VIVOOD, has embarked on over the last five years. In 2013, he began an entrepreneurial project based on the design of sustainable, self-sufficient homes. After this stage, in 2015 together with a team architects, designers and tourism experts ,he made the leap to the hotel sector when he decided to design, build and manage VIVOOD, the first Landscape Hotel in Spain”

“VIVOOD represents nature and sustainability, as well as lifestyle, exclusivity and architecture. It is a place where the traveller who is looking for new sensations can unwind, escaping their routine and getting in touch with nature. A space where we truly care about improving people’s wellbeing.” Vivood Hotel

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La Colmena que dice si! – Spain

Let’s come together to buy the best products
to farmers and artisans in our regions.

order in line

Buy what you want, when you want it: fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, beer, honey, cakes …

Pick up your products

Every week, the Beehive gives you an appointment in your neighbourhood. Come collect your order and meet the Producers.

¡ La Colmena que dice Sí ! from LRQDO on Vimeo.

Cooperativa Integral Catalana – Spain

An Integral Cooperative is a tool to create a grassroots counterpower departing  from self-management, self-organization and direct democracy, and one that would help overcome the actual state of dependency on the structures of the system, towards a scenario of liberty full awareness, free of authority, and in which everyone could flourish under equal conditions and opportunities.

It is a constructive proposal for disobedience and widespread self-managment to rebuild our society in a bottom-up maner (in every field and in an integral way) and recover the affective human relationships of proximity based on trust.
  • Cooperative, as a project practicing the economical and political self-management with the equal participation of all its members. Also, because it takes the same legal form
  • Integral, to bring together all the basic elements of an economy such as production, consumption, funding and a local currency. And at the same time, because it wants to integrate all the activity sectors necessary to survive: food, housing, health, education, energy, transport…
  • Catalan because it is organized and works mainly in the territorial scope of  Catalonia.


Social Currency


Catalan Supply Center

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Somernergia – Spain

“Producción: Producimos energía eléctrica en instalaciones de generación a partir de fuentes renovables (sol, viento, biogás, biomasa, etc.) financiadas con aportaciones económicas voluntarias de los socios.
Transporte y Distribución: La red de transporte (alta tensión, propiedad de REE) y la red de distribución (baja tensión, propiedad de las compañías distribuidoras) forman parte del mercado eléctrico regulado en el que la cooperativa no actúa.
Comercialización de electricidad verde: Gestionamos, compramos y facturamos la electricidad que consumen los socios y socias que hayan querido contratarnos como comercializadora de electricidad verde, según los certificados de garantía de origen (CNMC). Particulares y empresas pueden contratar la luz con nosotros sin necesidad de cambios técnicos en la instalación.”

vivir sin plastico – Spain